Ruckersville, Virginia
I  hope you enjoy your time with us.    Our puppies are raised  with all the comforts  of our home as we do .  Everyone is a family
member, nurtured and developed  until such time that they are  off to their forever homes .
Quality companions for
folks that know how a Dachshund can fill your heart with
warmth and love only as a dachshund can. Long and Smooth coat, red , creme, pied , black & tan are some of the color varieties often
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Great Companions
Fun Loving pets
Small package ~~ Big Personality !
I know I keep telling you, but I just want to be sure you know how lucky we are to have both of these dogs. Chloe (Suna calls her Cuppy) is truly a godsend. She and Sunny are ridiculously in
love, but most importantly, she is completely Suna's dog. She lets her do anything to her--dress her up, etc., and actually enjoys it as far as I can tell. She sleeps with Suna, which means going
to bed early, and generally worships everything about her. Suna feels great having an unconditional buddy :-). She's perfect in the house, too. The stars lined up for us to find her for sure.  
AKC  inspected - In  compliance
   6/ 2011     
     8/ 2013    /   6/2016
or by special arrangement .

Updated August 28 - 016

434- 481 -3212

        I have been meaning to contact you for the last 2 years to thank you again for allowing us to purchase
the best dog in the world. We purchased Charlie a little over 2 years ago and we could not imagine our
lives without him. His parents were Molly and Rufus, how are they doing? We occasionally peak at your
website to see if there are pictures, and I recommend anyone interested in mini dachshunds to contact you.

Thanks again!